101 Of The Best Email Subject Lines of 2019

January 29, 2019
email marketing

If you’re an email marketer, you know that you need a good subject line to get your target to actually open up the email that you’ve sent. These are 101 of the best email subject lines. Hopefully these will get the wheels turning and inspire your own great subjects.

There are many types of subjects that will catch your target’s eye and I hope to cover the bulk of them here.

Self-interest has always been a big one. People always want to know how to do this and that so seeing something that will tell them how to do something will grab their attention.

Curiosity killed the cat and brought in more traffic. Leave your audience hanging from the subject line. They’ll be dying to see what’s waiting inside.

Subject lines that describe an offer in them are self explanatory and are sure to get the attention of people.

You don’t have to limit these to just email subjects. If you have a blog, or do guest blogging, use titles likes these to entice your readers.

Check out the 101 best email subject lines here:

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