ebay.co.uk deals

I recently stumbled upon a thread on a popular forum that was created to show a cool deal on ebay.co.uk, the U.K. version of eBay. The item? It was a GoPro for £19.67. Sure, the listing was found to be fake after the seller was finally reported after selling 12 units, but these listings(fake and real) exist. So I wanted to go hunting on ebay.co.uk to see what kind of cool things are being sold on eBay for really cheap. Shall we get to it then?

I wanted to stay on theme so the first thing I found was a GoPro Hero 3 being sold for only £0.99. The GoPro comes in its original packaging and also comes with accessories. So far the listing has 0 bids but it may actually be a legitimate listing. The seller, pinkangel0_6tinsel, has a feedback score of 516 and they have 100% positive feedback. That’s pretty amazing. Here is the listing: GoPro HERO3+ CHDHX-302 Black Edition Camcorder with WIFI and Accessories

Another cool item I found while searching ebay.co.uk is an Olympus 12 MP digital camera for only £1. It’s used but advertised as being in good condition and apparently has a built in charger. The seller rutile5 has a feedback score of 134, all 100% positive. Check out the listing here:
Olmpus camera 12 mega pixal 4×4 wide

Next wasn’t my coolest find but it’s still worth mentioning. The user m-storeuk is selling 32GB and 64 GB SanDisk Ultra Memory Cards for as little as £0.84 each. They are apparently 100% genuine and an authorized reseller of SanDisk. With 1786 ratings and 99.8% of them being positive, you can’t really go wrong here. Well, they kind of screw you with the £6.35 shipping rate and the two weeks you have to wait till getting it, but it’s still a decent deal. Check it out here: SanDisk Ultra 32GB 64GB Class 10 UHS-I Micro SD SDHC SDXC Memory Card for Gopro

Fourth on the list is another digital camera. This one is a 12 MP FujiFilm digital camera and you can get it for just £4.00. The shutter doesn’t close and they may not ship outside of the U.K. but this is a cool pick up. You don’t need the shutter to be closed in order to take a picture and if you’re not from the U.K. it doesn’t hurt to ask the seller if they would send it to you anyway. Maybe offer a little extra for shipping? The seller is jackie_marie1234 and she has a feedback score of 283, all (100%) positive. Here is the listing: Fujifilm digital camera 12 megapixels

If you’ve stumbled across some cool finds on eBay, mention them in the comments below. Also let us know if you decide to pick any of these up. I’m be curious.