PS3 Magic

Did you know that by adding the Linux program to your PS3, you can instantly gain full access to 2,100 online apps as if your PS3 were an actual PC?

It’s true! The PS3 is actually the most powerful and technologically advanced gaming console on the planet and it can probably do a lot more than you’ve been told even by the manufacturers.

The problem is that it’s quite difficult and time consuming to add Linux.

In fact, sometimes installation can be flat out frustrating and it usually ends with you quitting all of your efforts after hours and sometimes even days or weeks of frustration and effort especially depending on the actual version of Linux that you are attempting to install.

Well, guess what!

Those days are over thanks to the brand new PS3 Magic!

For full details on this incredible new solution for adding Linux (including Yellow Dog Linux and even Ubuntu Linux versions) to your PS3 you need to immediately check out PS3 Magic and secure your copy.

The PS3 Magic program allows you to play music, movies, classic video games and much MORE!

Again, go to PS3 Magic right now so that you can start utilizing your PS3’s full potential because right now, you are only getting approximately 20-30% of your Playstation’s full capabilities!

Without having Linux (several versions) your Playstation 3 isn’t anywhere near as awesome as it should be and I can prove it if you would give PS3 Magic a risk free try TODAY!

Let us know in the comments how adding Linux to your PS3 went! Good luck!