Senseless Throwback Series

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I’ve been using Amazon for years now and I’ve finally run into a huge problem.

I bought a used laptop in April. It was originally bought(by the seller) in 2007. The seller advertised it as “Like New – Working Condition”. Immediately after I got it it was giving me problems. Two weeks after I received it the hard drive completely broke down. Before you ask, yes, the seller had a good rating, which helped me feel confident in buying from him.

I emailed the seller and got no response so I finally filed an A-Z claim with Amazon, but it got denied. I filed another and that one got denied. I called them four times. The first representative said they would email the seller to help me out. The seller emailed me back and said, “Giving you a refund on this computer would be like giving you a refund on running shoes that you ran in 100 times”. The second representative told me they’d send me a prepaid shipping label so I could send the item back. They ended up just emailing the seller and of course the seller told me he wasn’t giving me a refund. The third representative told me to go check with the manufacturer and see if they can do something for me because Amazon can’t. I hung up… The fourth representative told me the same thing but I was so livid at this point that I just snapped at him telling him that the seller posted the laptop for sale and said it was in “Like New – Working Condition”. The representative kept telling me to go through the manufacturer because I got the laptop in May and the warranty should still be good. I told him that the laptop was from 2007 and that the seller registered the laptop in 2007 so the warranty expired in 2009(I checked the manufacturer’s site). The representative told me, “that doesn’t make any sense. We can’t do anything for you”. So I told him, “Alright, so you just allow false advertisement on your site and you can’t help the buyer out?”

After about four emails and four phone calls I’m out of a couple hundred bucks because Amazon is shit. Stick to eBay. Also, avoid the seller “dsobers“.