Senseless Throwback Series

School Uniforms

July 29, 2020

Originally Posted: May 1st, 2009 Every school should have a uniform. We can better establish who […]

Senseless Throwback Series

How To Pronounce My Name

July 26, 2020

[Originally Posted: Unknown] My name is Jerlene. J-E-R-L-E-N-E. Do you see an “A” or a “Y” […]

Senseless Throwback Series

My Enlarged Heart

July 26, 2020

Originally Posted: July 1st, 2008 I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. I’m going in for a […]

Senseless Throwback Series

Drunk Lesbian Moment

July 19, 2020

Originally Posted: February 7th, 2009 I got extremely wasted last night with my friends. We were […]

valentines day 2019

My Valentine’s Day 2019

June 24, 2020

On Valentine’s Day, I woke alone. My girlfriend was gone and that’s not a normal thing. […]