.co.cc for sale.

December 2, 2019

If you were a “webmaster” around 2007 chances are you’ve heard of .co.cc. They dominated in the free domains department. They were one of the oldest free domain providers in the industry and people flocked to them because setup was simple and the subdomain was short. Getting a .co.cc domain definitely beat getting a .forumotion or .byteshost.org domain.

Due to the high volume of people using their .co.cc domains to spam the internet, Google removed over 11 million .co.cc domains from their search results. Yep. That’s every co.cc site. Google did give users with a legitimate website under a co.cc subdomain the chance to get their site back into their search engine by sending them a reconsideration request.

No official announcement was ever made but this move by Google was probably the reason co.cc stopped offering free domains and shut their website down altogether in 2012.

Now, the co.cc domain is being sold for a whopping $500,000USD! It’s an incredible domain but it may be difficult to recover from its original reputation as a spam domain.

What are your thoughts? Is $500k too much or reasonable?

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