Content or Design: What Comes First?

A question in many web marketers minds is should we be focusing most of our attention to the design of a website, or to the content that is going on it? Oftentimes, a company will lean towards the design of their web site, overlooking the fact that content is what drives traffic to convert from a visitor to a customer. Website design will play a major role in your marketing strategy; however it is the content that drives the web visitors to your website. In Canada, a search for website design Toronto might yield the best results for companies in your locale to help you out.

What helps them consumers decide between numerous products and services?
An informed customer always goes through the reviews and weighs the pros and cons before coming to a decision. Does fancy website design come into play? Not really..A company with a presentable website loaded with information and a sound background has a better chance than a company which principally focuses on designing a website without regard for its content.
A web design company should provide you websites according to your creative designs and specifications. If the right content is in place, an intuitive navigation, natural flow of information and a neat layout will work wonders for your company. It is the clarity and layout of the content that will encourage return visits.

Are design oriented websites less flexible than content oriented websites?
Yes, they undoubtedly are. Sacrificing content in order to fit it into a design is shortsighted. Creating a design to complement the content you have created is a simpler, and more effective approach. In order to achieve the your marketing goals and company objectives, at internet marketing Toronto we advise you to focus on content and build a striking design to complement it.

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  1. Well if your website hasn't officially launched yet then I would say the design is more important. Content can come later when you have visitors coming in to look at it.

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