Covergirl LipStain Review

March 6, 2020
covergirl lipstain

My wife is a makeup fanatic and after her last makeup haul, I decided to buy some stuff for me as well. I bought a few things, including the CoverGirl LipStain in 425, for me to review for you guys. I’ve never done a makeup review before so please bear with me.

Before we get into it, I just want to make a quick little note about the different between lipstick and lipstain.
“The first difference between lip stain and lipstick is the way they are made. Lipstick is often made with a base of wax, color, and an emollient that can help to moisturize the lips and prevent them from drying out. Lip stain, on the other hand, is made with gel and typically includes a bit of alcohol, which can be quite drying to the lips.” [source]

Ok, so I have a darker skin tone so I decided to get my lip stain in 425. After a month of having, but never using, my CoverGirl LipStain it still didn’t dry out. To me this alone was worth the $6 that I spent on it. But for the sake of this review I decided to put some on.

The first thing that I noticed is that it only took a mere 2-3 seconds for the stain to completely dry. I no longer have to move onto putting other makeup on to fill the time it takes for my lips to dry. The colour was kind of bland though so I decided to put some lip gloss over the stain. This really made the lip stain pop. Now I’m not much of a makeup user but when I do use makeup I always find something about it to bitch about. For lipsticks, I hate that after using it for an hour it feels like it’s dry and chunky. I never got that feeling with the lip stain, which is what I was waiting for. To my surprise it didn’t even feel like I had anything on my lips.

Removing the stain was just as easy as putting it on. I don’t want you thinking that it’s a crappy lip stain because it’s so easy to come off. That is not the case. Certain ingredients in certain things help the process of removal. For me, it was a baby wipe that did the trick! I just wiped it an it was completely gone. It is a good stain though. I was able to kiss my wife without leaving lip marks on here, drink a glass of water without leaving lip marks on the glass, etc.

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative, I would highly recommend the CoverGirl LipStain. It definitely gets the job done and at a way more reasonable price. You can find it in your local CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc.


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