Senseless Throwback Series

Originally Posted: February 28th, 2009 by Jerlene

Today, when my youngest brother and I were on our way to pick our oldest brother up, the topic of drugs came up in our conversation. He was telling me about how one of his old friends used to smoke weed in his truck, with the windows rolled up. This reminded me of my drug days and how disrespectful that is. See, my brother doesn’t do drugs or drink alcohol. He’s the golden boy of the family. I don’t understand how his good friend[at the time] could roll the car windows up and smoke his drugs by my brother, knowing that my brother doesn’t do that shit and wants no part of it.

This reminded me of my drug days…

I’ve never known a disrespectful druggie. If I was driving around with my friends and I didn’t feel like smoking, they’d politely ask me to pull over somewhere so they can step out of the car and find a place to get their fix. The very least they would do is ask me to step out of the car. I’ve never known any of my druggie friends to light up in front of me, knowing I didn’t want to do that or didn’t want to be around it.

No matter how twacked out they were, they knew how to be respectful. In my head, if you do drugs and you don’t have respect for the people who don’t[especially if they’re your friends], you’re just frontin’…

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