Do You Need Money to Be Happy?

October 27, 2020
money and happiness

People have always said that money cannot buy happiness, but I’ve always said that they were wrong. Having enough money to not have to worry about your bills, or wonder how you’re going to get your next meal, or just not have to want for anything seems like a pretty sweet deal to me. If I had that type of lifestyle I don’t see how I could be unhappy. My level of stress would go down significantly, but would that make me happier than anyone else, or happier than what I was?

There is an argument that says money can certainly buy you happiness, but only a limited amount. I can’t be the only one who thinks this isn’t true, right? Studies have shown that having enough money to provide for yourself and your loved ones does bring you happiness. These are the same studied that have shown that people living in poverty are generally less happier than those with an adequate amount of money.

But there is also a saying that says an excess amount of money will not bring you an excess amount of happiness. So is that true? Again, I think money can definitely buy you happiness, so I don’t think that’s true. I can certainly understand why people think having more money than you need won’t bring you more happiness, but think about being able to do whatever you want. Haven’t we all dreamed of traveling to countries far away from our home? Or going on a shopping spree at our favourite store? These things are not necessary but if we had the chance to do it we would take that chance and it would be Christmas morning all over again.

But sure, money and happiness are not proportional. Someone with enough money to travel to a different country every month will not necessarily be more happy than someone with only enough money to get exactly what they need to survive.

With money, comes stress. I can only speak for one side, the less happier side, but I’m sure we have an equal amount of stress when it comes to money. While I need to worry about how I’m going to make rent this month, someone better off needs to worry if their friends are genuine or just in it for the lifestyle.

But is it really the money itself that makes us happy? Nah. I’m confident that it’s the things that the money can buy. Although I am a fan of just knowing I have money sitting in the bank. That definitely makes me happy, but that could just be me. Also, spending it on meaningful things have an impact on your happiness. Things like donations, foundations, etc. can contribute to your happiness. So maybe it’s all just subjective?

Should we be spending our money on experiences and not things? It has yet to be proven that buying things makes a person happy. But having memories to hold onto often leave us feeling satisfied. One of the most satisfying things that you can put your money towards is giving. Whether it is giving to a charity or giving to a friend in need, find a way to give back and share what you have. Personal rewards will come from this way of spending.

Overall, I guess we can say that we do not need money to make us happy. Although often useful, it leads to stress. You do not need money to achieve the level of happiness that you desire, and live a life filled with joy.

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