Senseless Throwback Series

Originally Posted: February 7th, 2009

I got extremely wasted last night with my friends. We were parked on a cliff, just drinking and talking stories.

When we got bored of that spot and wanted some action[we wanted to punch people, we were drunk!], we agreed that we wanted to go to Lahaina and find an old friend of ours…so we can scrape her face.

A bunch of us had to pee though so on the way to Lahaina, we stopped off at Wailuku Elementary School[affectionately known as “Stoney’s”] and used their bathroom.

When I was done relieving myself, I was on the way back to my car and found a jacket. Relevance, you ask?

I picked it up and gave it to one of my friends. She thanked me for it and I guess she liked it so much that she felt she needed to repay me.

We were all getting back into the car when all I hear is her asking her cousin, and pretty much everyone else in the car, if she should kiss me. She asked them to dare her.

Her cousin, being the awesome douchebag that she is, “triple dog dared her”. So what did the girl do?

She hopped out of the back of the car, came walking up to the front of the car[where I was], grabbed my face, and haved at it.

I have to say, she had one of the nicest tongues. haha Soft and moist and she definitely knows how to use it.

I just wish she didn’t catch me off guard and when I was drunk! I’m such a horrible kisser when I don’t give a crap about what’s going on around me.

Oh well. It was an alright kiss overall. We WILL be doing it again. YIHAW!!

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