eminem vs mgk

We’ve been waiting for weeks to hear the G.O.A.T. respond to the lanky Ohio rapper and our wishes finally came true! Eminem released his response to MGK on Instagram via eminem.com on September 14, 2018. The response comes 9 days after Machine Gun Kelly released his diss to Eminem entitled Rap Devil.

Listen to the rap God smash Machine Gun Kelly.

Listen to MGK try too hard.

Someone on Youtube who goes by Alan Alan said it best:

MGK joined the chat
Eminem left the chat
Slim shady joined the chat
MGK left the chat

We had two thoughts. One, Eminem is going to destroy this dude. Two, Eminem’s not going to respond. We entertained MGK’s diss because it was actually good. I personally thought that if Eminem was going to respond it was going to be really good or really bad. No in between because his most recent albums sucked ass. But it’s obvious he brought Shady out to play for this track. Still clever as he always was.

Eminem 1


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