Fitplay Is A Scam

March 20, 2020
fitplay is a scam

So a few weeks ago I wrote an article on how to make money playing games using an app called Fitplay. You probably see ads for Fitplay often if you play games on your mobile device. This is how they roped me in. I downloaded the app and started playing games on there all the time so I could earn money. I got two payments before my account was shutdown.

They claimed “suspicious activity” but I wasn’t doing anything against their terms of service. Nothing that I was doing differed from the way I always used the app before receiving payments from them. So I decided to reach out to them. The first thing I did was search through my emails to see if they gave me an explanation on the matter but I found nothing. I’ve sent them messages twice and both messages have gotten ignored.

Seems to me like once they see you’re actually invested in the app and they will be making a lot of payments to you they drop you with no word. For this reason I say Fitplay is a scam!

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