Free Automated Traffic

I came across a website that offers traffic. They have a free package that promises up to 500 clicks per 14 day period.

You have to fill out a form online and subscribe to their mailing list. The free traffic will stop once you unsubscribe from their mailing list.

Register here:

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Author: Jerlene

3 thoughts on “Free Automated Traffic

  1. Right away I would beware! It’s because on my anti-virus, WebRoot, it’s already listed as a highly dangerous site! OK, who else on here has seen the same thing? Is it a false alarm?

  2. I just signed up, took me to a page where it’s asking to create a free form. Which i do not want to. So hopefully that is all I needed to do. I haven’t seen a rise in traffic so not sure how long it will take but thanks for the post!

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