gentlemens joggers

I am a HUGE fan of shades, or sunglasses as a lot of people like to refer to them as, and I am always on the lookout for some good deals. Today, I spent the morning Googling and stumbled upon some amazing deals. One of the sites I came across was Gentlements Joggers. I’m not familiar with them but I love the style of their products. But more importantly, they have free sunglasses!

I want to be as crystal clear as possible – the sunglasses itself are completely free, but you do need to pay for shipping. A company offering “free sunglasses” with free shipping as well would probably go broke, right?

Alright, without further ado, here are your free sunglasses deals!

Gentlemens Joggers is offering free wooden sunglasses. I personally love the look of these shades but don’t personally have a pair so I can’t comment on the quality. But the price of shipping is $9.97 and you can pay with your card or PayPal.

Gentlemens Joggers has a freebies section with only 3 pairs of sunglasses. This next pair is my least favourite of the bunch but it’s still worth mentioning. This pair is called the Retro Club Glasses. It’s another completely free pair of shades and it also has a shipping cost of $9.97.

Gentlemens Joggers’ last pair of free shades on their site is called the Zeppelin Square Glasses. Yes, it’s another completely free shades from Gentlemens Joggers with a shipping cost of $9.97. This one, in blue, is my favourite pair that they offer. I love the colour of it.

TIP: The more you order, the less it costs. If you want 2 free pairs of Gentlemens Joggers glasses, the total cost would be $15.97. If you want all 3 free pairs of sunglasses from Gentlemens Joggers, your total cost will only be $21.97.

For free pairs of glasses, that’s not too bad. If you’ve ordered a pair or two or three, let us know what you think of them in the comments below!