Senseless Throwback Series

Originally Posted: April 25th, 2008

Here’s my theory. Everyone is gay! EVERYONE is gay. At least until proven otherwise.

If you’re MySpace “Details” such as “Orientation” is blank, you’re gay – until you put something on there that tells me otherwise.

If you like The L Word, you’re gay. There’s really no proving yourself to be straight with this one.

Usually, if I’m flirting with you and you’re laughing but speaking in a subdued manner, I’d say you were straight. But you probably have a cold so you’re gay.:)

If you’re a little too nice to me, yes, you’re gay. That’s it. You’re gay!

To me, no one is straight and people can easily be “turned”(by the right person). I’ve turned a few people myself. Either people are confused or simply not ready to “come out”.

There is no “straight”. Just lesbian, gay and heteroflexible.

Feel free to prove me wrong in the comments.

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