Get 500+ Friends/Fans in 24 Hours

These are my personal methods to get over 500 friends and or fans in only one day. It may be outdated methods, but it definitely still works.

Also, I update my ebooks often and I am coming out with a second version soon.

If you buy this ebook before part 2 comes out, you will get part 2 for free!


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Author: Jerlene

1 thought on “Get 500+ Friends/Fans in 24 Hours

  1. Google adsense pays very little… I've been using it for years and even on my most active websites that generate over 500 views a day I only make about $2-4 per day.

    Well, I wanted to look for something better. I was going to websites (That you probably have as well) that the survey popped up right when you got to the website.. but the niche that makes it so great is that you can see the content slightly in the background so it's all the more motivation to complete the survey to get onto the website.

    Well, I did some research and discovered it is from CPA Lead.
    CPA Lead is simple. All you do is Register with them Click here Create a quick free account and then inside your account create a widget and they give you the HTML code to put on your website. (They show you how if you're un-aware)

    Then whenever people go to your website they'll briefly see it, but then be prompted by this popup to complete a survey to unlock the page.
    Now, it works very very well.

    I just started, and put it on my legitimate free microsoft points website to see how it would go.

    I got about 100 users and 50 surveys completed, making me $40 in the first day!
    The best part is you can choose the particular surveys you want your customers to see.. you can even choose some that payout up to $10.00
    And another great part is the surveys actually always end! I've had some troubles using other CPA and Survey sites. the surveys would usually never end. The good thing about CPA is they always do.

    Join now here:

    Once you have created an account, go to 'widgets' and simply create a widget. It is self explanatory from there.

    Once again this is a great opportunity for anyone who has a legitimate website and wants to make some great cash.. I mean on my first day I got 40 bucks and I only get 100 views per day. I can't even fathom someone who gets 1000, would kind of profit they could make.

    Once again, thanks for reading. Cheers, and feel free to reply with any questions!

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