How To Build Backlinks

September 16, 2020

People often ask a lot of questions about backlinks, mainly how to acquire them. I’m going to give you a few tips to help you build some quality backlinks. The number one rule with building your backlinks is “quality over quantity”. Google [as well as other search engines] will pay more attention and give a better rank in the search engines to sites that have relevant backlinks rather than a site with just a bunch of random backlinks.

When building your backlinks, do it slowly. Don’t get too much at one time. Robots/Spiders can see it as spam and block your site, maybe even ban it.

Although there are a lot of people out there offering and looking for software that will automatically build backlinks, do not sink to this level. Get them naturally. This adds to the quality and search engines will recognize that.

You should always have a strategy when building backlinks. One strategy you can use it to see where your competitors are getting their backlinks from and see if you can get them on those sites as well.


Also, create a strategy within your site to have your visitors want to link to you.

Try to avoid doing link exchanges. Google frowns upon it and more than often the sites who do too many of these exchanges can and will be banned from the search engines.

There are a lot of things to do and avoid when trying to build backlinks for your site, but the above are the basics and will help you.

Always remember to get quality links which are relevant to your site. And always remember to build your links slowly. Don’t go overboard, though a lot of the time we tend to do that.

Just remember building backlinks take time, as with anything else.

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