1. Google “brick wall” and find yourself a nice wall to tag. This is the one that I chose for this tutorial.

2. Paste your brick wall into your Background layer then create a new layer.

3. Pick your font to tag with and write your text. I went to and chose the font Turntablz BB. It’s a simple “graffiti font” that is clear and easy to read. For the colour I chose something similar to the background so it blends in better and becomes a part of the wall, but you can choose any colour you want.

4. (Optional) Use the Line/Curve tool to make lines going down from the bottom of your text. Set the width to anything between 2 and 6. Use different sizes for lines if you want.

5. Go to Effects > Artistic > Oil Painting. Set the brush size to 2 and the coarseness to 88.

6. Go to Effects > Distort > Frosted Glass. Set the max. scatter radius to 2.33, the min. scatter radius to 0 and the smoothness to 2.

7. Duplicate layer > go back to original layer > double click > blend mode: overlay > go to duplicated layer > double click > blend mode: multiply. Adjust the opacity on both layers to your liking.

Finished product should look something like this.

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