Increase SnapChat Score

In this post, I’m going to be showing you how to increase your Snap Score on SnapChat.

Once logged into SnapChat, start adding friends. You will need to add at least 200 friends before getting this method going. This is the important part. SnapChat lets you add a max of 200 friends in one go, so you’re going to take advantage of this. It doesn’t need to be 200 friends. You can still find some success with less people added, but the more friends you add, the higher your Snap Score will be. The 72,000 SnapChat Score is based on adding 200 friends. Sure, it can be weird adding a random account, but there are a ton of dead accounts that you can add.

Once you’re done adding all of the accounts, start recording a snap. While recording, slide your finger to the left. This makes your recording automatic. Leave it recording until it stops. This will create 6 snaps, the maximum for each recording. Now, you’re going to send the snap(s) you just made to all of the friends that you just added.

The next thing you need to do is record a one minute snap. When you’re done, hit that share button but go to “Last Snap” before sending it out. This will automatically send the snap you just recorded to the same people you sent your previous snap to.

You can continue to repeat the last step to increase your Snap Score by 1200 every single minute! That means for every hour, you’ll be increasing your snap score by 72,000.

Good luck and enjoy!