How To Make A Floor Reflection Effect In Paint.Net

July 24, 2020
How To Make A Floor Reflection Effect In Paint.Net

I love making graphics but it can sometimes be complicated and expensive. So if you’re a cheap bastard like me and use the free Photoshop alternative, Paint.Net, this little tutorial will help you achieve a floor reflection effect. Yes, there is a plugin that does this for you but using it will cut off the bottom of long letters such as a lowercase “g” or “y”. Plus, doing it manually will give it a clean and crisp look. Something a plugin cannot do. Alright, let’s get started!

1. Open Paint.Net, go to Image then scroll down to Resize and make your width 500 and your height 300. Well, those are the dimensions that I will be using for this tutorial. Feel free to modify to your liking. Click Ok.

2. Create a new layer and add your text. Keep in mind that you need room for your reflection and aligning your text to the center will cut your reflection off.

3. Duplicate your text layer, go to Layers then choose Flip Vertical.

4. Move your reflection closer to your original text so that it looks like an actual reflection. Touching or almost touching looks best to me.

5. Double click on your duplicated layer(you should already be on it). Go to Opacity and move the bar down to 90, or whatever you feel fits your graphic, and click Ok. Anywhere from 50 – 90 looks decent.

6. (Optional) You can merge your duplicated layer with your original layer if you’d like to add a little definition or just leave it as is and save your work. You’re Done!

I hope you’ve enjoyed and gotten some use out of this beginner tutorial for on how to make a floor reflection effect.


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