This is Part 2 to this story. Not sure why the posts seem out of order but everything is there. SK Laverty is the idiot that this post was named after. I have never dealt with such a dumbass in my life. The kicker is that she must be older than 60 by looking at her Facebook profile. She seemed incredibly unstable and just really stupid. Probably one of those theorists that thinks every cloud in the sky is chemtrails. 

I originally posted from my wife’s account then decided I should probably talk shit from my own account, so I went from one to the other. My profile is my nickname, which is JB. My wife’s profile is also her nickname. Both her first and last name on Facebook is not her actual name. SK Laverty seems to think she found out who we “really” are.

SK Laverty claimed to have found my wife’s net worth online. SK Laverty is posting about how poor we are and how rich she is. She has a bunch of businesses, blah blah blah. Keep in mind that she is searching for my wife under a name that is not even hers.

This is where SK Laverty tells me that my children is going to be taken away from me and that I live off of welfare. Just to be clear, I do not have children or get any type of government assistance.

After saying that I was posting on both accounts the whole time SK Laverty says my wife was posting, too. For the record, my wife never posted in that thread. But SK Laverty tells me that she will be “notifying the proper authorities” about both of us and what we’re doing. You know, living life…

Yep. Clicked on her profile and it says she was from Florida. She had a high school that she went to listed and had a job there listed as well. All while she’s telling me that she’s born and raised in Hawaii. Yeah. Ok. Also, she has to be off of her meds or something to be acting like this at the age of 70ish(by the looks of her profile picture).

I lost nothing but time dealing with her stupid ass.

This is where SK Laverty tells me I’m on government assistance and that she found that out online. Probably the same place she got the rest of her information. In her unmedicated head. She also takes shots at everyone who is on government assistance. Just a terrible person. I know I don’t come off the greatest here but she hit an all time low with her first response and somehow kept getting lower.

Now her crazy ass is telling me I’ve failed at my writing career according to my IMDB profile. WTF is this bitch on and can I get some?! I don’t write. I wish I did but I don’t. That being said, I definitely don’t have an IMDB page.

I’ve been honest up to this point and will continue to be honest. Yes, I’ve been arrested. Twice? No. I told her I had no record to make a point. Her information was completely made up. The arrest record was a good guess though. lol

Ok, first of all, she called me “chic” so thank her for that! I feel glamourous because of it.

I am 80% Hawaiian and was born and raised in Hawaii. She’s some blonde bitch from Florida saying she’s more Hawaiian than me. I don’t think so. I don’t care how Hawaiian she thinks she is. And having blonde hair definitely does make her less of a Hawaiian than me.

I’m not the only one that thinks so…

Again, I know I don’t come off great in this little story but I hope I at least come off as sane. That’ll make one of us. How do you think I should have handled her? Did I take it too far?