I Came Across A Complete Idiot

August 25, 2020


I was browsing through my Facebook newsfeed one night when I saw a post from a local group I’m apart of that caught my eye. A woman was selling dogs and some annoying asshole told her she shouldn’t be selling dogs. Dogs are for loving, not for profit. If anyone in the group wanted a dog they should go to the pound instead of purchasing from her. I was sick and tired of seeing all of these keyboard warriors telling people how to live their lives. Here is the conversation. I’m in blue.

This woman was pretty chill. She agreed with me on all of my points but one.
She didn’t like the fact that I swore and called people names. I obviously didn’t mean it literally but she seemed to think that I did. I probably could have done without the vulgarity though. My bad. But she says she respects all life? That’s some hippy shit right there. Respect is earned. You do not get my respect simply because you exist. What have you done for me to respect you? Used deodorant and bought your own home? Nice accomplishments but nothing to warrant respect. If you want respect for the house that you bought(and it looks like she does because it was completely irrelevant to the conversation) then call up your mom and ask her for it. You won’t find it with me.

The lady was looking for $3,000 for some schnauzers. These guys were right, the dogs were expensive, but why take a dump on someone’s post? They just wanted attention. I gave it to them…

I’m not sure where people think dogs come from but the people in this thread were seriously confused. If they’re not bred for money, they’re bred for free. Bottom line is they’re bred. I don’t see why people can’t or shouldn’t make money off of dogs when people make money off of everything else.

The same people preaching about how dogs need love and blah blah blah couldn’t be bothered to drop some money for them. I wouldn’t drop that much money on a dog either but I’m not the one preaching about how they need a good home but refusing to give them one.

Yes, I was selling a lightbulb. I was having a garage sale and put pictures of my tables that were set up in my yard. This garage sale was months before this post happened. This loser, Crystal Leigh, went into my profile and dug DEEP to get to that marketplace post. But really, who cares if I was selling a lightbulb? Was I supposed to throw away brand new bulbs? Hell no. I’m going to make my money back. If this Crystal chick would just throw it away though good for her. People always say we don’t have enough waste and pollution. *insert eye roll emoji here*

Everybody give a round of applause to the only sensible person in this thread.

This went on for a really long time and it only got worse. I didn’t even get to the moron this post was titled after. She needs a post of her own because she kept going for a couple of hours. It was really pathetic. Why didn’t I stop it? I always respond to people who speak to me. Good or bad. I will update this post with Part 2 as soon as it’s done.

*UPDATE* Here is Part 2.

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