Important Questions To Ask In Website Auctions

May 5, 2019
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I’ve written this article to help buyers and sellers with their website auctions after having seen a few (potential) buyers forgetting to ask crucial questions before purchasing a website. This article will hopefully help buyers have more confidence in buying websites and also clear them from having future problems with the seller or product.

A couple of big things to focus on when considering purchasing a website is traffic and revenue. With that being said, the first question you should ask a seller is, “How much monthly revenue does the site receive?” You don’t want to be stuck with a website with little to no potential. Revenue is a must, unless you have a detailed business plan that you believe in.

Secondly, you should ask, “How long did it take you to make that much revenue from the site and is the revenue consistent?” You need to know that the website you are buying, with revenue in mind, will keep bringing in the money you bought it for.

Third, make sure to ask, “Where is the revenue coming from?” If it’s coming from PayPal, PeerFly, CPALead, etc. you want to make sure you have accounts with those websites and that you know how to work with their services.

Fourth, you want to know about the website’s traffic. Ask the seller, “How much traffic does the website receive monthly?” While you’re at it ask, “How much traffic does the site receive on a daily basis?” Traffic is a very important part of a website and a huge factour of revenue. Be sure to ask the seller where the traffic comes from. You do not want paid traffic! Make sure it’s all natural traffic. Also, make sure to ask if it’s AdSense safe. The answer to this question will answer a few of your other traffic related questions. AdSense does not accept paid traffic so keep that in mind.

There are a lot of smaller but still very important questions to ask.

What do I get with this sale? Does it come with hosting? Has the website ever been removed or banned from search engines, mainly Google?

Please use your due diligence when buying and selling websites!

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