September 26, 2020
seo contest

The people who are in the top three now are the same people who have been there since the beginning of the OES TSETNOC. It’s kind of getting on my nerves that they don’t drop in the SERPs at all when everyone else’s rank continually fluctuates.

Congratulations to them though…

I’ve been looking at this wrong the whole time. I’m not doing anything wrong, they’re doing everything right, and they’ve been at this a lot longer than I have.

Their domains have more months and years on it than mine does and that makes a big difference. I know I mentioned selling this blog just the other day but I’m going to keep it so I have an aged domain for the next OES TSETNOC.

If you’re like me and you can’t seem to pass the site’s in the top three, or even the top ten, don’t lose faith.

Anything can happen…

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