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Let Me Explain Myself #1

In this [first!] edition of Let Me Explain Myself I will be explaining my tiger tattoo. I thought of explaining all of my tattoos at once but this article would be extremely long if I did, so one at a time it is.

I remember the experience clearly. I went to a tattoo shop, Forever Stained, one day and asked for a tattoo. When that session was done I asked the artist, Matty, if he could do another tattoo on me. He was down for it. I told him I wanted a tiger that was big enough to cover another tattoo that was on my arm and that I wanted him to design it. He had free reign and I was his willing canvas.  At the time I really didn’t care what kind of tiger I got as long as it was a tiger. I had full faith in this guy because he was a tattoo artist and I’ve never met a tattoo artist who couldn’t free hand.

Well, several days later I went back to the shop to get this tiger tattooed on my arm. I had no idea what to expect. Matty was very excited about the design so I was getting hyped up, too. He told me he drew the tiger climbing up(even though I requested it coming down my arm) and that one paw was was facing outward like he was going to attack while climbing. I thought, “Ok, cool. Just show me.” He showed me the drawing and it actually looked decent so not wanting to disappoint the guy that’s going to leave a permanent marking on my body, I agreed to his design and we got started.

For this session I went alone and I’m glad that I did. I was a little bitch. A couple of tears streamed down my face. I got so annoyed when the younger girl getting tattooed next to me was smiling and taking selfies. I was tearing up while getting my arm done and she was smiling up while getting her rib cage done. I laugh about it now though. Good for her.

Since this was a cover-up there was a lot more detail than usual. He had to make sure this new tattoo covered the old tattoo of my ex-girlfriend’s name so there was more lines than I could of imagined. It hurt. Not as much as the bottom paw of this tiger hurt though. It just all hurt. Eventually I got through it. Took several tears and 3 and a half hours but it was finally done. I was excited because it was another tattoo, it covered the eyesore that was there before and it was a tiger(my Chinese zodiac). As time goes on and the more I look at it, I’m not the biggest fan of Matty’s work. What do you guys think?


I went in for a tattoo after this one and he offered to retouch the paw(the faded part on my palm) but I told him hell no. It was way too painful for me to shade that shit back in. I rather get it removed than retouched. I’ll get a cover-up for this cover-up.

But honestly, though it’s not what I had in mind I have to live with it and I’m okay with that.

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  1. One thing that life has taught me, especially with tatoos is that they are PERMANENT. Always make sure it’s what you want before you get it and if you’re unsure about a design, tell the artist your concerns. They get paid to ink your body, so regardless if you don’t want to upset them, you should always be honest with the artist to ensure you’re getting what you really want; feelings aside.

    In regards to the tattoo itself, I actually kind of like it. The tribal like features intrigue me. What I don’t like is that it doesn’t really look much like a Tiger at all. It could be from the “fading” over the years and it may have looked better at the time you got it done.

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