senseless updates

I’ve been doing what I can to turn Senseless Blogger into exactly what I want. We’re still a work in progress and will always be but we’re at a place where I’m okay concentrating more on posts than infrastructure.  This is the first post I’ve made on updates so these are [the major] updates I’ve made from the time the site opened to the time of this post.

  1. The Submit Your Story page has been updated to outline everything we are looking for in writers. We’ve also eliminated paid submissions.
  2. We are now secure! This is probably the biggest, and my favourite, update to date. I’ve implemented SSL and updated all URLs to point to https instead of just http.
  3. I own a plethora of blogs that I never paid attention to. Now that I have Senseless Blogger I’ve merged all of the databases of these blogs into Senseless Blogger. This is the reason for a lot of outdated content.
  4. Users are now able to report comments that they feel are inappropriate.
  5. Users and guests can now rate us by rating posts that they read. Our overall rating will be shown in Google so be gentle.
  6. 3 new jobs have been posted. Check out our Jobs tab to apply.

Leave your feedback on these updates below. We also love suggestions!