earn bitcoin online

Earn Free Bitcoin

Before getting started, you will need four things.

1. Create an account on http://megabitload.com​
2. Create a BTC Wallet on http://rushforums.com/wallet/​ (or use your current one, a new one is not necessary)
3. Create an account on http://adf.ly/​
4. Create an account on https://pastebin.com/

Megabitload.com​ pays you for every download. Make sure you verify your account and input your Bitcoin address in your account settings.

The goal is to drive traffic to your download link so you can get paid. Get your hands on something that people want. People like Netflix accounts, Spotify accounts, money making methods, etc. Let’s just go with Netflix accounts for the sake of this tutorial. Gather all of your Netflix accounts and put them into a text file. Go to megabitload.com​ and upload your text file with Netflix accounts to your account. Get the link for your file and go to adf.ly so you can shorten your download link. Now go to pastebin.com and create a new paste.

For the title of the paste, make sure you put the date so people know it’s not an old batch. Example: Netflix Accounts (01/19/2019)

For the body, you can just put the link to your download or you can put a few example accounts and the download link at the end. Be creative!

Note: You can go black hat and scale this up by uploading fake files and spreading those instead.

Extra Links:
Use http://btctopp.com/ to convert your BTC to Paypal. You can trade up to $400 per day with a minimum of only $20.
Use https://localbitcoins.com/buy­bitcoins­online/paypal/​ to buy BTC with PayPal. You can also use https://paxful.com for this.
You can go to https://freebitco.in/​ and risk your BTC by doing some free gambling.

Good luck earning Bitcoin! If you have any tips for us, feel free to share them in the comments below.