Senseless Throwback Series

Today, October 1st, 2007, was the last day of the Maui County Fair. I usually hate these things, but I had to go because my niece was performing. I like watching her dance…

My mom, sister in law and I stood right next to where my niece was performing and just watched her dance. She was in the front row of every dance and was really good.

After her performance, she wanted to go off with her friend Leah and ride the rides so I stuck around with my mom and her husband. I felt pretty lame just kicking back with my parents but whatever, it was cool. We browsed the “Better Living” tent. My mom wanted to buy a necklace for herself and a fish hook for her husband but he kept lurking around her so she didn’t. I guess it was for Christmas or something.

On our way to get my mom’s cotton candy and drink, we ran into her brother, Francis. My uncle Francis just talked with us for a bit then we went for the snacks. As we were walking I heard my niece call out for my mom and it was her! From then on out we stayed with her and her friend, who’s pretty cool by the way. For some reason, I wasn’t a bit shy around her.

Since Leah was scared of heights and some of the rides, she and my niece rode different rides sometimes. Once I even went on the Spin Out with my niece! I would have regretted it if I didn’t go.

We had to leave because we parked our car in a friends house and that friend was coming home so we needed to move the car. Seriously, who would pay $9 for a parking stall? So I gave my niece the last of my tickets and she rode a couple of more rides. While she was riding rides, my mom went back to the Better Living tent to get the necklaces because her husband went to get the car. She went to the wrong booth though and came back empty handed.

My niece and I just waited for her at the exit gate. She didn’t want to leave so I was on one side of the gate and she was on the other. haha Took her about fifteen minutes till she finally came across. I saw my mom coming so we walked outside and waited for my step dad to pick us up. There was nowhere we could go though so my mom and her husband kept arguing about where to pick us up. We finally got picked up at the police station, which is across the street.

We were all kind of hungry so we went to Kahului Taco Bell and ate. We wanted my niece to sleep over but her ass of a father, my ass of a brother, said no. Even after we graciously invited his step kids over, too. Anyway, all in all it was a pretty good night. That one ride with my niece made all the foot cramps, waiting, sweating and irritation worth it.

Oh, on our way to the exit gate, I noticed my niece was staring at “The Swings”, a ride. I thought she wanted to ride on it because it used to be her favourite ride. Turns out, an overweight guy was stuck in one of the swings and had to be pulled out by 5 of the workers. EVERYONE who had view of The Swings just stood there and watched. I felt so bad for the guy.