McDonalds Taro Pie Review

McDonald’s has been selling their taro pie for years now but it was never appealing to me. But I finally decided to try it! Here are my thoughts…

It sucks. Definite miss. How they are able to continue to sell it, I don’t know. I’m a big fan of taro. Being from Hawaii, one of my favourite things to eat is poi. I know it’s not exactly the same thing but they both come from the same plant so it counts. With this in mind, I figured there was a good chance I’d like the McDonald’s Taro Pie. I thought wrong.

To be fair, McDonald’s probably gets their taro from Hawaii(I can’t imagine it coming from anywhere else) and puts their own magical spin on it. They don’t really know what it is and have never used it in cooking before so it makes sense that it’s not the greatest. It is made for Hawaii and Asian countries though so it’s sad that they are not making it in Hawaii where they get the taro, or having someone from Hawaii take reigns, or at least have someone who is willing to cater to Hawaiian and Asian taste buds.

Whatever they’re doing they need to stop. The taro tastes more like a paste that resembles glue with the texture of…I don’t even know anything else with the same texture. It’s almost like watered down pudding with big chunks of glue in it. I couldn’t even finish eating it and I am no slouch when it comes to food!

The taro pie definitely looks appetizing, but the taste is horrendous. I will not be eating this one again. I’m glad I tried it though. It’s one of those things that was probably going to bother me until I tried it.

My overall rating for a McDonald’s Taro Pie would have to be 3/10.

Honestly though, if they released this on the mainland it would probably be a hit. The taste is similar to sweet potato, something I’m not a fan of, and I know how mainlanders love their potatoes.

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