My Two Week Notice

November 8, 2019
My Two Week Notice

For the first time ever I put in a two week notice. I wouldn’t have but since my girlfriend got me the job I figured I would go out on a good note. It was short and to the point. I didn’t think they deserved more.

The job was incredible. I got to work on my own and do what I wanted to do as long as I stocked the store. I worked at my own pace, which was fast of course, and I was my own team. But there was one witch I would come across throughout my entire shift. The deli manager. This bitch, let’s call her Lea because that’s her actual name, is the pettiest motherfucker I’ve ever come across.

Lea refers to herself in a third person saying shit like, “The deli or Lea does not break down boxes.” I found out from another manager that I am not supposed to be putting away her orders but from day one she said that I do. Once I found out that it wasn’t my job I stopped doing it. Her revenge was ordering more and more stuff because although I don’t have to put it away I do have to put it near the area that they belong. She also started ordering more and more of what I do have to put away. Jokes on her. I’m quick at my job and I’m always looking for something to do so she’s really been helping me out.

Lea isn’t the only one though. The store manager has no clue what she’s doing. I could steal from that store everyday and they wouldn’t know because there is no existing system to account for the inventory. Broke something? Write it down on a sheet of paper. This manager also orders way more than the store can accommodate. It’s a very tiny store but she orders things like we’re Safeway. I have expired stuff all the times, especially eggs and milk, because she doesn’t know how to order. Oh but don’t worry, the expired products do not go to waste! The deli uses it in the food that it serves our valuable customers.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of why I put my two week notice in. I may go into detail on another post in the future.

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