valentines day 2019

On Valentine’s Day, I woke alone. My girlfriend was gone and that’s not a normal thing. I gave it a few minutes because she’s a smoker and I thought she was just outside smoking a cigarette. After 10 minutes, she still wan’t home so I started to worry.
I forgot it was Valentine’s Day‚Ķ
My girlfriend finally walked through the door and told me to get out of bed immediately. She led me to the kitchen and I was surprised to see roses, balloons, candy and Starbucks. It was amazing and unexpected.

We had plans to get tattoos together but she had to work. I didn’t want to get a tattoo without her, but we both really wanted tattoos so I went to the tattoo shop alone. I got my tattoo right after I dropped my girlfriend off at work.
We decided to surprise each other with these tattoos. I chose her design and she chose mine. Neither of us saw the other design beforehand. I chose a unicorn for her because she loves unicorns. She chose Sour Patch Kids because I like to throw a tantrum then apologize profusely. But we’re really happy with them.

After getting my tattoo, I drove straight to my girlfriend. She was eager to see the tattoo and I was eager to show it to her. While I was there, she fed me amazing pasta. I got a hot chocolate to go with the meal because there’s a big storm going on right now so it’s cold and rainy. I know. Pasta and hot chocolate is weird. My stomach was fine though.

I finished my lunch and went home until I had to pick my girlfriend up from work. Once I did, we drove back to the tattoo shop so she could get her tattoo. It took about an hour then we drove across the street to find somewhere to eat. The restaurant there was packed so we decided to go to the Greek good truck in the parking lot. It was the first time I had Greek food. It was alright but it’s not a preference. Baklava is disgusting! The cinnamon is too strong in that one. No thank you. The rest of it was great though. My girlfriend’s part Greek though so she was use to the taste and enjoyed everything.

We wanted to watch Happy Death Day 2 U but there was just not enough time in that day. We ended up catching a matinee on the 15th. If you’re wanting to see Happy Death Day 2 U, don’t. As a fan of Happy Death Day, it was disappointing. As a standalone movie, it’s ok.

Overall, it was a pretty bomb ass Valentine’s Day. My girlfriend outdid herself and me, which is hard to do. Shoutout to my love!