New Domain Extensions 2018

As of today the following list of domain extensions have not been released for public use. They are coming soon but you can go on websites like GoDaddy to subscribe and find out when it will be released.


Here is a list of new foreign domain extensions that are going to be released soon.

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Author: Jerlene

1 thought on “New Domain Extensions 2018

  1. My favorites remain .com, .info, .club, .xyz, .us, .online, .host, and .win. Anyway, .win used to be especially cool cause you could get one for 5 years for around 5 dollars! However, now, it’s not the case as Namecheap is using that deal only for .pw and a few others.

    OK, who likes the same extensions and why? I think the ones I chose are more appealing, but I cannot explain why – I guess it’s subjective.

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