Oes Tsetnoc Sandboxed?

July 22, 2020
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I don’t think so. What is sandbox? It’s pretty much just the time period that competitive keywords must wait in order to achieve results on Google.

Even if “oes tsetnoc” was Google sandboxed, it wouldn’t effect the entire site. Google Sandbox is keyword related only. What does this mean? Let’s say you made a site about ABC and put it on XYZ.com. You’ll rank well for XYZ but you’ll have to wait to achieve those dream results for ABC.

How do you avoid it? This is why SEO is a tricky thing and takes time. We can do all sorts of tricks to get to number one in Google but it will take time because there is no trick to avoid time in the sandbox. Really the only way to even remotely avoid it would be to target a non-competitive keyword. Why do this though? A lot of webmasters wouldn’t. They wouldn’t make money or get traffic.

I know you hear this all the time, or read it all over the web, but while you’re in the sandbox just create content and build backlinks. This will help you get out of the sandbox quicker. Everyone goes in the sandbox and you are no exception. If you let your site sit, Google will ignore your site as well.

Hearing you need to continuously build content and backlinks does not compare to what you’re about to hear. The length of time you’ll spend i nthe sandbox will vary on the amount of content you generate and the backlinks you build, among other things, but typically, you’ll spend about nine months in there.

To find out if you’re in the sandbox, go to Google and put the following into the search form:

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