Oes Tsetnoc to SEO Blog

July 8, 2020

As you can probably tell, I’ve changed the site up a little bit. I asked some people for advice with this blog and one tip that stood out to me was to create posts that are at least 300 words long. With this SEO blog running solely as an Oes Tsetnoc blog, I couldn’t achieve that.

It’s hard enough putting together a 50-word article on the Oes Tsetnoc, it’d be excruciating to have to put together a 300-word post for this blog.

So what I’ve done is made this into just another SEO blog. I periodically update all of you on SEO related things and share some SEO tips and tricks.

It has been really easy maintaining this blog now. Don’t worry though, I’ll still be writing about the Oes Tsetnoc.

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