How To Draw A Spoon

I am always on the lookout for ways to improve my drawing skills. I mostly search the internet for tutorials or check out apps in the Play Store. I recently stumbled across a cool pencil drawing site that I think is going to make a HUGE difference, especially if you want to learn how to draw realistically.

This website offers a pencil drawing course that specializes in teaching beginners how to draw in a realistic style. It is a video course that you can access anywhere in the world from your computer or your mobile device.

The course has several classes and each class is two hours long. The best part about it is you can pause all you want and draw along with the teacher. You’ll start the course off by learning all of the equipment you will need and you’ll also learn the basic strokes of pencil drawing. There are cool little tips throughout the course. I just watched how to erase a pencil drawing like a professional and I love it.

With this course, you won’t be lost. Each video starts where the last one ends. Each class also has its own concept or technique that you need to master. For example, the second class teaches you how to use different styrofoam objects to show you how light affects the tonal values. Everything is explained in a way that makes it easy for anyone to understand.

You will receive a downloadable template in each class, which you can print out and use to transfer to your drawing paper. This will also help you in getting a high quality photo of the reference and the final drawing. You will receive your downloadable templates in pdf form and it will be in such a way that when you print it out, each are exactly the same size. This makes it easy to judge sizes while drawing.

You will get a drawing project in every class. You are required to complete them in order to pass the course. In one of the classes, you will be drawing a realistic spoon. I definitely thought that class was going to be extremely difficult and even considered dropping it, but after watching the explanations at the start of the class and the practical demo, it turned out to be quite easy.

The four classes after that are also still life drawings. You will be drawing an onion, garlic, transparent wine glass, rose and an apple. These classes will teach you all about creating texture and depth in your drawings as well as drawing negatively and how to draw reflective objects.

When you’re done learning how to draw still life, you will move on to portraits. Drawing portraits was always intimidating to me, but the instructor shows you how to draw all the major features like the eyes and mouth in a simple way, using simple terms. For example, there is a class for learning how to draw an ear. I feel like if you successfully complete that class, you will be able to draw any ear, not just the kind of ear you’ll be learning how to draw in this course.

What really makes this course stand out from the rest is that it goes much deeper than any of the other courses I have seen. There are even classes on how to draw material textures and hands.

I am still busy trying to get through this 32 hour course, but I know that my drawings are going to improve immensely once I complete it.

The course is brand new, so it is currently on a launch special at less than half price. Go check it out for yourself if you’ve ever had a want to learn how to draw, or you just want to pick up a new talent. You may be able to still bag yourself this bargain as well.

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