Pizza Hut Customer Service Gets An A+

July 21, 2020
Pizza Hut Customer Service Gets An A+

I live in a rural part of town where there’s not many stores or restaurants. Pizza Hut is the only place around that delivers so of course whenever I’m feeling lazy I turn to Pizza Hut. Problem is they never remember all of the things that I order. Any time I order a drink they forget it. The most recent incident was them forgetting my $8 garlic knots. I guess that was the last straw for me because I finally emailed Pizza Hut about it.

Yesterday I complained to Pizza Hut using their contact form on their website. I didn’t think I would actually get a response worth mentioning, or one at all, using the generic form on their site but I received a response within a few hours. I was flabbergasted!

I would say that I’ve lost between $50 and $75 on items that I paid for but never got from Pizza Hut. To make up for this they have sent me 3 coupons for a free large, 3 topping pizza. I eat from Pizza Hut often and love their food and they can be a little pricey so I would say this is resolved. Plus, they apologized profusely so we’re going to call it even.

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