Pizza Hut Kind of Sucks

February 12, 2020
pizza hut complaint

I wrote a post about how Pizza Hut has excellent customer service. Turns out I wrote that post prematurely. The day after I wrote that post I received yet another response from Pizza Hut. I was taken aback since I thought the whole ordeal was taken care of and done with. I guess I was wrong.

I woke up at 09:30(am) to an angry phone call from the manager of the local Pizza Hut I made the complaint against. I answered and she demanded to speak with me. When I told her she was already speaking to me, she quickly and aggressively told me she got my complaint. The following is how to rest of the conversation went.

Me: Ok?

Her: Ok!

Me: *silence*

Her: You said you didn’t get your garlic knotts. Well, we didn’t see garlic knotts on our end so that’s why you didn’t get it!

Me: *click*

I was not going to be yelled at, and definitely not that early in the morning. I immediately emailed Pizza Hut thanking them for the coupons and telling them I would not be using the coupons. I let them know about the phone call. I expressed how upset I was for not catching her name.

Shortly after my email, I received a phone call from someone else at Pizza Hut. She said she was the operations manager of the island or state, can’t remember. She was such a pleasure. She even let me know that the manager’s name was Helena. I couldn’t help but laugh. But she apologized profusely and said that she will give Helena the training she needs. I thanked her and that was it. Let’s hope that this manager fixes her attitude.

On a side note, I ordered pizza from Pizza Hut a week or so after everything settled down. I had it delivered. My driver? Helena. haha She called my phone saying she’s outside. When I ordered online I made a note that said to come to the back house so colour me surprised when my girlfriend and I go outside and she’s in front of the front house. Her car was parked at a slant, blocking our cars and the road. Whatever. It’s not a busy street. But she completely ignored me and my girlfriend to continue her lengthy conversation with my brother. I would say maybe she didn’t see me but she saw me right away. As soon as I walked up to the front she looked at me and told my brother, “Oh look. They came.” They carried their conversation on for several more minutes. Finally she walks away from my brother and I grab my pizzas. No apology, nothing.

I wouldn’t put this on Pizza Hut though. This is completely on the manager of the Pukalani Pizza Hut, Helena. She needs to be retrained or just fired. Customer service is a must and she has none. Why Pizza Hut would continue to employ such a person is beyond me. I’ll be avoiding this particular one for a while though.

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