Aakash Pereira - Personal Portfolio Review
Website Review for Aakash Pereira - Personal Portfolio
  • First Impressions & Appearance
  • Structure
  • Colour Scheme and Style
  • Images
  • Content Analysis
  • Spelling/Grammar & Professionalism
  • SEO

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First Impressions & Appearance

My first impression of Aakash Pereira’s personal portfolio website is that it’s very quick to load, but the colour scheme is a little too dark for my liking. At first glance I could tell exactly what the site had to offer though and that alone gets a 5 start rating.


The structure of the site is very simple yet strong and very user friendly. I can easily navigate my way around the website without getting lost. Everything is well and strategically placed. By just landing on the homepage I can easily find out what the site is about, what services are offered, previous work and a means of contact with the webmaster. The only thing I don’t like is the header being used. It’s probably more of a personal preference, but I don’t like the fact that it takes up more than half of my screen. It seems a little too excessive.

Colour Scheme and Style

I wasn’t a fan of the colours when I first visited the site but they grew on me. I don’t like that the site is so dark but I like that it’s balanced with some bright colours, such as white and pink.


The images being displayed in the portfolio and also on the homepage are all very dull. I’m viewing them on Chrome at 100% and they are all coming off blurry. SEO wise, your images are on point. You’re using the alt attribute for all of your images and search engines love that. Also, I love the logo. It’s cute, small, to the point, and doesn’t take focus away from the site.

Content Analysis

All of the content on the website is 100% unique. There’s no fluff on site. Everything explains in detail the services that you offer and how to go about ordering those services. Very straight to the point. The contact page is very generic though. More questions would be nice. Also, elaboration of the services offered would be nice. For example, I see that I can order articles but what I don’t see are the topics you’re familiar with.

Spelling/Grammar & Professionalism

I was pleasantly surprised to find that everything was well written. Other than a missing period on the main page, there are no grammatical or punctuation errors on the website. I’m including the testimonials in this as well. Very well written.


These days, making sure your website is mobile friendly is very important and often overlooked. I’m happy to say that this website is 100% mobile friendly.
A lot of people overlook favicons too so it’s nice to see this site using one.
Same goes for the sitemap that’s being used. It’s not 2008 anymore but it’s still useful.
There’s no 404 error page for this site.
There are no links for the site on social media. I know social media can be frustrating and tedious among other things but this is where the traffic is at these days.
There are also no backlinks to the website. I don’t know which is scarier, the fact that there are no backlinks or the fact that there are no indexed pages in search engines for this website. Both are crucial for success in the search engines.
Most importantly, no broken links were found anywhere on the site.

Final Words

I love how quick this website loads. I can get on any page in just a fraction of a second.
The services offered are great. I know it was mentioned that pricing varies but a range would be great and it would probably help get more bites.
There are multiple projects that were completed but only one review. More reviews, at least one per project, are necessary for growth.
Create a custom 404 error page and use it. A 404 page gets used when a visitor to a website visits a link that no longer exists. If you’re not using a custom 404 error page, it could appear that the whole site is down and this will contribute to your bounce rate.
An update to the contact page would help in getting potential clients. Ask more questions to take some pressure off of both you and the client. What are they looking for? What is their budget?
Definitely elaborate on the services page. I don’t know how much anything is and I don’t know everything that you can bring to the table. I just have a general idea.
But overall, this is a pleasant site. One of my favourite portfolio sites so far.