is worth $657!

GoDaddy has a new domain appraisal feature that is currently in beta. I put this website’s URL in the little form and hit the GoValue button. Surprisingly it showed me that the domain is worth $657.

This domain is only a few months old and I haven’t promoted it anywhere so there are little to no backlinks. But still it’s worth more than six hundred bucks. Or is it? I think the tool is complete crap. You really can’t get an accurate appraisal of anything without knowing the details.

It seems like GoDaddy just picks words out of your domain and go from there. For example, they took and saw that it had the word “blogger” in it. They went through their database of recently sold domains that had the word “blogger” in it and finds the average sale price and uses that number to help calculate your result. Before they do though, they make note of the extension you’re using and that helps calculate your result.

It may not be accurate but it’s fun to play around with. Don’t take this tool, or any other tool like it, seriously. Please.

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Author: Jerlene

2 thoughts on “ is worth $657!

  1. I’d beware of the thing – mainly because I strongly think it’s looking only at the domain, and not the site. I mean, a site that has a lot of good material and high SEO metrics is going to be worth much more – on top of what was said on the GoDaddy thing.

    Anyhow, I can’t see how this GoDaddy thing is different than other domain-only evaluators like Estibot. How possibly, in certain people’s opinion, is it better?

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