SEO Is a Waste of Time

October 14, 2019

So this was brought up on another forum that I’m a member of. Someone said they had a long debate on whether or not SEO was a waste of time or not. Have you ever thought this? Do you think that SEO is a waste of time and unnecessary?

I don’t think it’s unnecessary. In fact, I think the exact opposite of it. What would a website do without SEO? Where would your site be without SEO?

Your website is in search engines because it has been optimized. The last thing it is is a waste of time.

Think of all the times you’ve used Google [or whatever search engine you usually use]. The keyword you search for brings up thousands upon thousands of websites. These websites are appearing in the results page because they were all optimized.

Optimizing your website for the search engines are a big part of running a website. How else is your website supposed to get noticed by the right audience? You do NOT want just a bunch of traffic going to your site.

If your site is on computers but it’s appearing in the search results page for the term “furniture”, what good does that do you? The traffic coming into your site from searching for that term is completely irrelevant and these visitors will not help you gain revenue, not to mention your bounce rate will be REALLY high.

In short, I think SEO is absolutely necessary. How about you?

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