Spamdex the Oes Tsetnoc?

Spamdexing is also known as black hat SEO. It’s something that no one should do, but a lot of webmasters do it to make their search engine rank higher.

Spamdexing consists of submitting your links to link farms, spinning your articles and keyword stuffing, among other things.

So I ask, should I spamdex this Oes Tsetnoc blog? I know there’s a high risk in getting banned from the search engines altogether, but there is only a couple of weeks left in the Oes Tsetnoc and the chances of me getting caught in such a short amount of time are slim. (Unless a contestant who sees me as competition rats me out…)

Chances are I won’t resort to such tactics but I’ll say this, if I got caught and placed in the Oes Tsetnoc, it would be worth the ban.

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Author: Jerlene

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