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Today I was checking out blogs I could write about and I saw a few good ones, but The Bad Blogger stood out to me. It’s raw, edgy and something I had planned to do a while ago.

The Bad Blogger is a blog that is written by Wong Chendong, also known as “The Bad Blogger”. He is one of the top writers on The Bad Blogger blog is a blog for people who have an interest in the “blogosphere”. Really it’s for any webmaster as it covers internet marketing and copywriting as well as blogging.

My favourite part of The Bad Blogger blog is their About Me page, affectionately title “Doesn’t This Piss You Off?“. It’s not your typical About me page where the owner of a blog will give you his life story, telling you where he’s from and how long he has been blogging on the internet. No. The Bad Blogger About Me page is basically a rant on how the owner of The Bad Blogger thinks it’s ridiculous how internet entrepreneurs charge an arm and a leg for private coaching or consultation. He explains why it’s ridiculous and ends it with an ebook of his own called The Life & Marketing Of The Guy Behind The Bad Blogger! You get this manual for free when you sign up for Scam Sales Page Uncensored, which is another free ebook The Bad Blogger owner wrote. He teaches you some valuable marketing lessons (which he learned first hand) and also tells you about himself and his life.

The Bad Blogger also has some important and valuable tips on blogging. There’s tips for blog commenting, blog content, monetizing your blog, blog headline tips, getting traffic to your blog, guest blogging and if you’re not a veteran blogging he has tips for beginner bloggers. You can check out all of these tips in the Blogging section.

There is a Reviews section where you can read the personal opinions of The Bad Blogger himself on some websites and products. The reviews are witty and fun to read. They are unlike the common professional monotone style of reviews.

If you like witty banter you should check out the Personal section of The Bad Blogger. It is full of facetiousness, just completely entertaining.

The popularity of The Bad Blogger continues to skyrocket! The Alexa rank of is 59,000, the site has over 4,100 fans and there are over 4,300 comments throughout the articles posted on

If you’re down with being bad, make sure to Become A Fan of The Bad Blogger, Follow The Bad Blogger, Subscribe to The Bad Blogger, Add The Bad Blogger on YouTube and Connect With The Bad Blogger.

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  1. I use to read his blog all the time. It made me laugh and he reminds me a lot of myself. I should make a blog like him. 😀

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