The Ultimate Lockerz eBook v1.8

October 19, 2020
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It’s that time of month again. I just finished the latest version of The Ultimate Lockerz eBook and as always, I am offering it to DP members only.

Lockerz allows you to refer up to 50 people per day and this eBook will get those emails for you.

A good thing about this ebook is that it helps you get referrals for just about any site, not just Lockerz.

The Ultimate Lockerz eBook v1.8 – 26 pages/1.01 MB/.pdf

No mass mailing! The only mass mailing you will do is mailing your referrals through Lockerz. You will not be mailing through any software, your own email account[s], etc.
No hard work involved! It might be time consuming, but it is not hard work.
No banning! You will not get banned if you follow the methods to a T.
No fake emails! The good thing is, all of the emails you’ll be getting are 100% real.
-One of the new methods does involve a little bit of an investment but it is little. Just a few bucks AT MOST.

This is an eBook for newbies and for the Lockerz vets.

The current retail price is $17.00 and it rises with each update so before the new update, get the book at this price.


No more review copies will be given out.

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