If you were a fan of free stuff in the early 2000’s you’ve probably heard of The Freebie Site. If you haven’t, it was a site that had links to hundreds upon hundreds of freebies. I got physical items and digital items all the time through that website. I went back to last week and saw that it was no longer live. The domain is for sale so naturally I inquired. I received a swift response from a couple of different domain brokers. If I had the money I would definitely purchase this domain. The original owners already did all of the hard work and acquired backlinks, authority, etc.

I was originally quoted the price of $4,688 but was offered a 25% discount that is good through the entire month that would make it $3,516. Now even more I want this domain! Unfortunately I can’t throw around that kind of cash just yet so I’m letting you potential buyers know how much they’re looking for. In my honest opinion it’s a great deal. You better grab it while you can.

If you’re interested contact Erin at BuyDomains via email: [email protected]