Tourelle Money Making Guide Review

January 19, 2020
senseless review

In my effort to learn more money making methods, I stumbled upon an ebook that promised a decent amount of money in a short amount of time. A hundred dollars a day to be exact. I know, I know – That should have told me everything. It didn’t. I gave in. The ebook is called “Tourelle Money Making Guide” and I read it. Here is my honest review.

Tourelle Money Making Guide is exactly two pages long. I would say it’s actually a page and a half because the first half of the first page is just a thank you note and some “payment proof”.

As I started to read, I realized the author put little to no effort into this “method”. If I’m being honest, and I am, the ebook itself is the method. Let me explain this.

The book is basically nothing but a referral link. The author starts off the “method” by telling you to sign up for a website using his referral link. The “method” in the book is completing two Offer Wall offers on the suggested site. Both of which are high paying offers(in points), which of course makes the author money because you signed up using his referral link. But we’ll get back to that. The two offers total over 5,000 points, which you can convert to actual money. One thousand points is equivalent to $10, so completing these two offers will supposedly give you $50 in return. Yes, that is the “method” the author of this crap tells you.

What I’m telling you is that this guy stuck his referral link for a site in a pdf file, marketed this “book” as a method and is making profit just by having people sign up to the site and complete those high paying offers. AVOID THIS EBOOK, if you can even call it that. It will teach you nothing, you will not gain a penny and you will waste your precious time and money. Do not bother with it. But if this post has you curious… You can leave your own opinion in the comments.

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