Used Stationary Bikes

March 26, 2020
used stationary bikes

PromoJunkie is having their fourth SEO contest. used stationary bikes is the third SEO contest that I’m participating in and PJ never ceases to amaze me when it comes to the contest keyphrase.

This month the keyphrase is used stationary bikes.

I guess Decipher opened up a new site and wanted some easy backlinks for it. haha

As always, the winner of the used stationary bikes SEO contest will receive $1,000 straight in their PayPal account.

I hope to finally win one of these!

If you’re up for the challenge, register for the contest here:
But make sure to read the rules first:

Good luck!


It was pretty evident that I was not going to be a winner of the used stationary bikes SEO contest so I just want to let everyone know right here that I’m now trying to win the eiknujomorp contest.

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