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Originally Posted: September 21st, 2008

It started at 11:30pm, Friday. I just got off of work and my co-worker is next to my car waiting for me to go take her cruising. Like an idiot, I pretend like I’m not tired, tell her I’m not busy and I take her with me to Happy Valley.

I got my friend and we went back to Upcountry. My co-worker is more stubborn, annoying and demanding than anyone will ever know. She’s twice my age and always threatens to “punch my face” or “dump her drink on me”. When she told me to drive to Rice Park, then to Kula Lodge, then to Haleakala Crater, I hesitated but of course I did it. She’s a freaking tweaker and the last thing I want to do is upset a tweaker.

Her friend wasn’t at Kula Lodge so we went there for nothing then she told me to drive down to her other friend’s house[that’s at Rice Park], who said he was going to sleep five minutes earlier. We get to the park and she tells me we’re all just going to sit in the car till her friend wakes up. OH. MY. GOSH. That’s when I started to get pissed.

She took my keys from me because she needed to get into the trunk for her cigarettes, which were in her purse that she put in the trunk earlier. I went to the trunk too to empty out my pockets and put everything in my bag. I was reaching in to grab my cigarettes when she suddenly slams the trunk closed.

She told me to give her the keys so she can roll up her window, I told her I didn’t have it, she told me she gave it to me then started yelling at me for being stupid and locking it in the trunk. The only fucking thing I had in my hands were my cigarettes and they feel nothing like keys so I knew she didn’t pass them to me.

From 5am to 5pm[exactly 12 fucking hours], we were stuck at Rice Park and she was yelling at me and blaming every little thing on me. She told me she was irritated because I locked the keys in the car. It got to the point where after everything she told me, I replied by snapping at her. I KNEW I didn’t touch those fucking keys. We were all so pissed.

Everything was in the trunk. Money, cigarettes, weed, etc. All we had on us was ice. We made that bag last the whole 12 hours though. The whole day we had to ask random people for quarters. I felt like a damn hobo.

I had to work at 3:30pm. I knew I wasn’t going to make it so we went crazy looking for quarters so I could call in. We asked a guy but all he had was his cell that was dying. It was 2:15pm, I started at 3:30pm and our policy says we need to call in at least 4 hours in advance, so I took the cell and called. No bosses were at the store so I called my manager and field manager but no one answered. I was going to try again but the phone died.

It started to rain so the park cleared out and we had no way to get to a phone after that. At about 4:30pm, an old guy came and let us use his phone to call the locksmith. The guy came in 20 minutes and got in the trunk in 5 minutes.

My co-worker was telling the guy about how I locked the keys in my bag and that she could hear it in my bag. My friend’s arms were smaller than the locksmith’s so she stuck her hand through the hole the guy made and reached for my bag. My friend goes through the bag – NOTHING.

My co-worker is getting more irritated at this point and tells my friend to reach for her bag and get her cigarettes. She grabs her bag, which is see through, and the first thing we all see is my fucking keys in her fucking bag.

What does she have to say about it? No, not sorry. All she fucking says, after 12 hours of blaming the “worst day of her life” on me is, “Oh, my bad.” WTF?! Yeah, it is your bad, you fucking idiot. All day it was, “How could you…?”, “Why did you…?”, “You’re so stupid.”, etc. It was ridiculous. Everything that went wrong that day, which was A LOT, was my fault.

I didn’t say anything though. I just took the keys and got in the car. That’s when she decides to tell me the locksmith is $80 and all she has is $20. I had to pay $60 for her fucking mistake. That was the last of my money. She took everything else but a 5 dollar bill. I kept asking for it back but she kept ignoring me.

The whole time we were there we were trying to get in touch with her friend, since he lived right above the park, but he wouldn’t pick up. No one knew where he lived so my co-worker told my friend and I to walk up a steep fucking hill and find his house. Wanting to get the fuck away from her, we did it. Couldn’t find his house but it was worth getting away from her.

Anyway, that guy wouldn’t pick up his phone because he said he was tired. He calls us a couple of hours after we leave Rice Park and tells us he wants to go cruising. My co-worker wanted to see him so I drove right back to Rice Park. He came in and told me to go to the store. He comes out and tells me he needs to go to Kaupo and I was his ride. Holy fuck did I snap. Now her fucking friend is trying to use me? I don’t think so. I told him I didn’t have gas and I wasn’t about to go to Kaupo because I didn’t want to go there. I also said that after not picking up all day and not wanting to help us when you live right fucking there, you want to use me. I got in the car and took him in the exact opposite direction.

We were back in the Valley. We stayed there till 9:30pm when he started bitching that he worked in the morning. I had enough of his voice so I snapped and told him we’re going after I smoke a cigarette and my friend gets ready. We leave, we’re driving to Country and my car starts to jerk. It slows down as if it’s going to die and it speeds up again. I’m gassing it like crazy ’cause I know I’m about to be stuck somewhere and I was far from the gas station. It slows down for a longer amount of time and the guy starts yelling right in my fucking ear to gas it. I yelled right the fuck back and said that’s wtf I was doing. I make the first turn I can and it happens to be the street my co-worker lives on. They’re telling me to turn up the hill but I keep going straight and I tell my co-worker she’s going home.

I had enough. The car went a little while more and we got stuck only 3 blocks down the road from the nearest gas station. Unfortunately, they were about to close and they had no gas cans. My friend is telling me to ask my other co-worker for money. I really didn’t want to but everyone was getting mad so I sucked it up. I tried calling sisters, brothers, etc. but no one was able to come up. My co-worker was so far past my last resort.

I started getting bitched at so I told my friend to go in and tell my co-worker. I know this girl doesn’t carry cash and that she doesn’t know her pin. I asked her once why she always used her card and she told me that. I knew it was pointless. I had to ask anyway so I had to share my sad story while playing the world’s smallest violin. She told me exactly what I knew she’d say and exactly what I wanted my friend guys to hear. She didn’t have cash and she didn’t know her pin. My friend’s giving me the eye like she wanted me to keep trying. I was already on the edge then I took the plunge by asking my co-worker if she could ask her mom for cash. Holy shit I just wanted to leave after that. Everyone left the gas station and it was just us.

My friend got 50 cents and knew my co-worker’s number by heart. My heart just sank after that. I knew we were in a hole but this girl worked almost 16 hours for me that day and if I were her, I’d be pissed and tired. It was midnight.

If I just went home after work, I would be jumping out of the shower and getting ready for bed at that time. I told my friend that my co-worker was probably showering or something and all she could say was, “What? Does she touch herself in the shower? She should be done by now.” sigh She dials, no one answers, she hangs up and tries again. This goes on till about 4am, when my co-worker actually picks up. She hung right up though. That’s when my friend got angry so I just got in the car and told them I’d take them home.

Before that, we walked down to where the car was to get my credit card from my bag. We get there and I get jumped. My bag with everything in it is taken. Luckily, a few cops drive by a little while later. I told them I was fine but they wanted me to file a report so I did.

After that, I walked to Foodland with my friend to use the bathroom, break a dollar and use the pay phone. We get to the bathroom and it’s locked. We go inside the store and they say theirs isn’t public. We break the dollar and go outside to use the phone and NONE of the 8 pay phones out there works. We go back to the car and a guy drives up to us and gets us gas. We finally get the car started and get the fuck out of there.

My day was horrible. A lot more smaller things that pissed me off happened but these were the biggest, I guess. I just can’t believe any of that happened to me and worst of all, it all happened in one day, one after another. Fuck it.

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